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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Friday, April 30, 2010


A few days ago when I was going through my drawers and cleaning the mound of things on my dresser, I came across a piece of paper I received the last time I went to a therapist. I haven't been to one in years, so I'm not quite sure why this paper was on my dresser, but I was happy to find it. The last therapist I went to, my dad paid for. She was good and I wish I could have kept seeing her. She knew her stuff and she wasn't generic like many of them are. She had her own way of doing things. Anyway, she gave me this. I've been given many lists like this over the years, but I think I've held onto this one b/c it's my favorite. Also, it could not have shown up at any better time than right now. I want to share it with you guys.

Bill of Rights


to put yourself first sometimes
to ask for help or emotional support
to protest unfair treatment or criticism
to your own opinions and convictions
to make mistakes until you get it right
to let someone solve her/his own problems
to say "thank you, no" "excuse me,no"
to disregard the advice of others and follow your own
to be by yourself even when others want your company
to your own feelings whether they make sense to others or not
to change your mind or choose a different course of action
to negotiate for changes when the arrangements don't work for you


to be 100% perfect
to follow the crowd
to love destructive people
to please unpleasant people
to apologize for being yourself
to drain your strength for others
to feel guilty about what you desire
to put up with unpleasant situations
to sacrifice your integrity for anyone
to remain in an abusive relationship
to do more than you have time to do
to do something you really cannot do
to conform to unreasonable demands
to give what you really don't want to give
to bear the burden of another's misbehavior
to give up who you are for anybody or anything.

A lot of these I can relate to my weight loss experience...take what you will from it b/c I think it can be useful for the journey we all are on. ((Hugs))

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