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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today Sucked

Well, it's homeschool group is super exclusive now.
   You guys know I homeschool and I've let you know I've had a very stressful time here lately within my homeschool association. I never told you what the problem was so much though. It's like this. Our homeschool group was supposed to be a biblical based group. Years ago, one of our old presidents set up some bylaws for the group. One of those bylaws is that future LT (leadership team) members have to sign "a statement of faith"....only, it was mistakenly worded "the statement of faith". The lady who wrote these bylaws kept with the original intentions of the person who started the group for it to be a diverse group of believers who come together specifically to support eachother in homeschooling with activities and such. Well, the bylaw author needed to sign a statement of faith at the time b/c she was becoming president and had outlined a very vague statement of faith. It's a basic "christian" statement of faith. She told everyone going into the LT that if they didn't feel like making their own that they could use hers, but it was never intended to be "the" statement of faith for our group. Many people have signed it since then, but last year one of our long time members who prefers to use the Hebrew names for "God, Jesus, Holy Spirit", wanted to make one of her own. Our president from last year (a good friend of mine) noticed the mistake ("the" statement of faith) and went to the original bylaw author and asked her about it. She said not to worry about it and that it's just a typo and to let the lady write her own SOF. So, she did and it was put on file.
   Fast forward to this year....the president and vice president for this year cannot stand this particular lady. They've been trying to get her kicked out since last year b/c they've argued w/ her a couple of times. They also know this lady doesn't have "conventional" christian beliefs. Well, she wanted to run for VP again this year and her other friend who has the same beliefs wanted to run for president. These ladies have been hard workers in our group for a very long time now. They contribute more than half of our members put together. Well, current pres and vp didn't want these ladies running for office, so they conveniently misplaced my friend's SOF from last year, claimed she never signed one and mentioned the mistake in the bylaws and proposed an amendment to keep that mistake there and make an SOF that EVERYONE has to sign upon entering LT rather than them write their own. They also gave the elders/advisors of the group the "boot" so to speak and wouldn't let them attend any private LT plotting meetings to see what was going on....they were told to stay out of it (including the author of the bylaws even though she explained what the bylaws were intended to do).So, my friends can't run for LT b/c they will not sign the current Sof b/c they are more on the Jewish side of things but they believe in the Messiah (they want to use the hebrew names). I got into a conversation w/ the president over our facebooks and she actually sent me two websites concerning a cult, trying to persuade me that my two friends are part of the Sacred Name Movement which is ludicrous btw...I know these ladies well and have known them way longer than she's known them. It turns out she was sending this websites to many people in our group to scare the voters into voting for her amendment. Well, I revealed the plot to my homeschool group's public yahoo loop. I'm pretty darn sure I pissed off the pres and her minions. You should have seen the "oh sh*t we got caught" emails they sent out to try and cover that one was pretty sad. We voted this evening and our side still lost by 9 votes and that was basically b/c  my side did NOT play dirty. So basically what that says to anyone outside of the majority (the mostly baptist majority..I grew up baptist but now consider myself nondenomination btw) is that they can join our group, work hard for our group, but cannot be in leadership in the group. So, a lot of us are leaving now...our group has been divided and it makes me so sad b/c I remember joining this group in a time when everybody got along and it was all about our kids...not doctrine. It's all so stupid and depressing. My friend who was president last year is catholic and was constantly put down for her faith for the 2 years she SERVED our group. It was horrible. She's leaving too. So, in a nutshell it's been a horrible day. Not sure what's going to happen from here....some of us are going to try to start up a new group I suppose...minus politics and religion b/c we see what happens when things get stirred up. It's problems like what happened in my homeschool group that turn me off to religion. Don't get me wrong...I'm a believer....but, gosh, this stuff tries my faith in such a huge way. It just amazes me how people can argue, scheme and plot all in the name of God.Well, either way, I'm going to have to shrug some of this off b/c it is really affecting how well I've been taking care of myself here lately. So, deep breath....release....and tomorrow is another fresh day.

I ate good for breakfast and lunch. After the voting I had planned on coming home to eat, but didn't make it home until almost 9 so we grabbed a "hot and ready" thin cheese pizza on the way home. I ate 4 slices...2 of them were small, but still....4 slices total. I'm not so happy with myself. The stress is killing me here lately...between quitting smoking, having huge behavior probs w/ my 3 yr. old, and the homeschool stuff, I've just about had it. Urgh. (sigh) So, like I said....tomorrow is a brand new day and things are going to get better. This will be my mantra and hopefully I'll start believing it. lol


  1. not sure what baptist doctrine has to do with a homeschool support group...I am a southern baptist. Doctrine runs churches...the whole purpose of homeschooling is to turn the raising and admonition and teaching of the child over to the parents...I think keeping faith out of it may be just the thing. You can always do bible study and fellowship through your church.
    That's nuts.
    That being said, we have a similar thing going on here in colorado with chec...look up the patriarchy movement and chec and you will see what is going's the main reason I don't have anything to do with any of it. Good luck on your new group.

  2. This all sounds very Christian! Especially the part about those people hating each other.

    I'd eat too!

  3. Ohhhh.... Wasn't chec who kicked Cheryl Lindsey out of a homeschool convention?? I think I've heard of them!!

    Kim, girl you are so dang inspiring!! Look at you! You are stressing over all this and still losing weight. BTW... You looked GREAT last night! I didn't want to embarrass you but you look great!! You look energized and confident and i LOVE when you wear your hair down!!

    All that to say, keep up the good work. Next time we talk, I wanna know what you are doing, ok??

  4. @POD- Lol! Certainly seems to be happening more often here lately.

    @Chris- By chance do you know a woman named Dawn Bowland? I know....weird question, but just curious.
    Also, I agree w/ you totally. I grew up southern baptist and my mom still is. My husband is independent baptist. So, there's a lot of people I love that are Baptist but those people aren't pushing an agenda. These ladies are something else and you are so right about it being about the kids. That's what we've been saying...but they just don't get it. So, what do you do for support since you don't attend that group? Also, I started researching what you told me sounds similar to what's happening with our group. Thanks for telling me about this. I've got to tell you why I asked the question. This lady Dawn Bowland came from joke...ever since she joined our group and started serving on Leadership, our group has been declining since then. Wondering if she brought this stuff from that whole situation where you are? It's just a random thought, but I am curious if you know her. You know what they say about 6 degrees of separation. lol

  5. no...I refused to join chec. Theny blocked sonlight...john and sarita holzman, from attending the conference because they weren't 'christian' enough..I can be as fundie as they come..but I still believe girls should go to college and not live at home the rest of their lives. The whole thing creeps me out and strikes me as taliban like.
    For support, I convert people to homeschoolling lol...I have done it with my next door neighbor and then my neighbors aunt homeschools...I have a girls scout troop with 8 girls....4 of whom are homeschooled. For years I did it without support..I just went out and put then in lessons etc. Now there is a homeschool enrichment program one day per week I enroll her in ...mountian view home school enrichment...they do art, music, computer, language, science and's run by former homeschoolers and it is one day a week from 8 till 330. It gives kids a chance to make friends...then sophie meets other kids three times a month for girl scouts. Then church once a week.
    She gets a lot of social interaction and my friend amber is and her daughter is my daughters age.