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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3rd, 2010 Food Log and NSV's!!!

Ok, so I went to the doc today mainly to get my potassium checked due to taking spironolactone for lymphedema/hirutism. They checked my blood pressure when I went in and it was 120/80! I was so happy b/c the last time it was like 150 something over 90. So, this is a Non Scale Victory (I just became hip to what an NSV's like slang in the weight loss blog community me thinks). Also, my doc said, "Lookin good." I know that is short for "Damn Kim, you are doing so are a model patient." No....I know she didn't really mean it that way, but in my mind this is what she thinks...and I can do that b/c my mind is my happy place and people say what I want them to there. lol. :) (I am not nuts...thank you very much.)
   Anyway, I'm starting to notice other things too. My muscle tone is coming back. When you are insulin resistant, your cells are literally starving which leaves your muscles a bit lacking. I mopped my floor last week and my muscles didn't hurt in the least and I was able to really scrub my floor without getting winded. I know this is due to taking my proper meds, but still.....this time last year I wasn't taking meds b/c they made me sick, so I didn't even try anything else. So...another NSV (yep I said it again...b/c I am hip to it). Then there was my Dad noticing my weight loss. My clothes are getting a little more loose. Caution- this may be TMI (read at your own risk! left click and drag on the next few lines to highlight): I am able to reach places on my body without straining to reach....this is probably my favorite NSV, b/c nothin says lovin like being able to wash/reach your ass without doing improper yoga positions....oh, and nothin says lovin like my  husband being able to reach certain places on me without doing improper yoga positions. hehe Don't say I didn't warn you. lol
  I told my doctor that the only time I've been extra hungry while on the suppressants is when I'm hormonal. She acted like that was normal....and it's about that time again. So, I was a little extra hungry today. I had to eat two meals out and in a hurry, but I still think I did ok even if I had a few too many carbs.

Breakfast: 1/2c. Bear Naked Almond Vanilla Crunch Granola, a couple tbsp.'s of cranberries, 1/2c. almond milk

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich (whole wheat bun) w/ lettuce tomato pickles and a tiny bit of mayo, medium fresh fruit bowl (green and red apples, grapes, strawberries, mandarin oranges) Chic-fil-A btw

Snack: (I really didn't want to have a snack, but I was really hungry and I was grocery shopping) small energy bar (It was high protein, low calorie)

Dinner: 6in. roast beef sub w/ lots of veggies (cukes, peppers, onion, olives, spinach, tomato, lettuce), 1tsp. olive oil mayo, mustard, small bag baked chips

Snack: (I know...I said I have this licked...and I pretty much's just the hormones) small handful cashews, 1oz. Irish cheese

All in all, not a bad day. :)
Oh, and this pic (my sweet niece Kiley and I)  is from my son's b-day party on V-day weekend....I'm definitely starting to lose my double chin. :) Have any of you had any NSV's lately? I'd love to hear them.


  1. um my one non scale victory with the really attractive guy was kind of tied into a complete humiliation lol...but I ran for three miles so thumbs up to that.
    Great report at the doctors...and I know just what you mean about the covered portion of your blog.
    Now I am able to reach anywhere I want lol.

  2. Yeah, I'm still kinda chuckling about the "attractive guy" post...I don't mean too really, b/c I know it was really bad for you, but I can't help it! lol And yes, a gazillion thumbs up to running three miles. I can't even imagine doing that at this time I suppose. :)
    I wasn't sure if I should throw in the "covered part", but I'm really,really happy about it. I knew someone would understand. :)

  3. Great job Kim!

    I'm just enjoying being in the 180's!

  4. *hahahah* that is hilarious - your highlighted-read at own risk- part

    Way to see NSV things!!

  5. Thanks guys! :)You guys are doing great too.

  6. Oh, what great news about your BP! Your little niece is just a darling little baby. NSV? Hmm... I was out shopping in the store and my pants kept falling down and I had to hold them up while I checked out at the cashier's desk and my best friend laughed because I didn't realize I need new pants now. I was happy to put them in the donation pile when I got home.

  7. LOL Autumnforest! You almost had "pants on the ground". (American Idol it if you haven't seen it) That's so awesome though! I can't wait until my skirts are falling off me. That's a wonderful NSV. :)

  8. How many calories are you eating a day?
    Basically- for a 2000 calorie diet - 250 g of carbs is the nutritional average. So for me I try to eat about 1200 which is a little under 1/2 so I divide 250 by a little less than 1/2 and come up with my MAX calorie intake to be: 150g.

    Now, I try to shoot for lower because carbs=sugar=BAD (I have a whole blog on sugar/carbs - check it out) so that is how I came up with my range of 80-150. You do not want to dip any lower than 50g of carbs a day. You do need carbs for energy and too much of this low number isn't good on you.

    Does that help any?
    Trust me... counting carbs the 1st time is SCARY! Goodness, I ate a lot of carbs and to actually see the number is shocking. Just hang in there and you can find alternatives. I know... I am a carb-o-holic *hahah*

  9. The "normal" number of calories that the nutrition people say is 2400 a day. Most people who are trying to lose weight eat anywhere from 1200-1900. It is usually best to start with 1500-1600 in the beginning and then work down over time to 1200.

    My advice... start with counting calories. Let that be your first focus. Once you can get get that into check and get used to being aware of calories AND used to tracking nutritional values... you can then start adding on other categories.

    Plus, once you start tracking these (keep a notebook in the kitchen so you can write stuff down as you cook or a little pad of paper in your purse to write stuff down if you are eating out) you will start to remember what numbers are and realize - do I really needed cheese on my salad at 110 calories for a relatively small about?

  10. NSV BABY!!! Those are clearly some great notable NSVs. Good job on the blood pressure. I take meds for my pressure, thanks to bad genes.