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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Replies ☺☺☺

@Chris-- Thanks...from the bottom of my heart. It's nice to hear someone tell me to be myself...b/c that's not something anybody ever says to me. :) Thanks for linking me btw...I dunno what to think of this. Everybody AND their mama came over here to give me support...I'm so gracious and flabbergasted.  lmao!

@Annalisa-- I think it's great that you are trying to encourage that little girl. I remember teachers and a few other adults along the way who really made a difference in my life. I can promise, if negativity is all she's used to, she will definitely remember the positive encouragement you gave her. Thanks for the book recommendation and it sounds like we both have our hands full. :)

@Blue--I really like how you are so honest and you've got grit. LOVE it. My husband met me when I was trying to lose the weight and was concerned about me not losing it (He's skinny). We got married and I tried so many diets all the while he was constantly using my weight against me in arguments. I kept telling him he was not helping me and only abusing me when he'd call me names and remind me of my weightloss failures. Eventually he learned, but it took time. We've actually had a great marriage for the past many years and this is probably the beginnings of a rough patch for us. He's changed and I've changed over the years, but I'm making my biggest changes now.....the big changes he's always wanted for me, but now he's fighting against them. The way I see it, is I'm keeping my end of the bargain up finally and he's not being supportive. I fry him food on occasion and go to great links to come up with yummy meals we can all eat, but he is acting like a little boy in big boy trousers....most DEFINITELY. lol Your advice is very wise and if I had've known how many newcomers I was going to have, I probably would have said something about our past but I've been talking to mostly the same people from week to week who've heard my sob story. lol! I look forward to reading your blogs. I spent a little while yesterday looking at them. :)

@Fat Grump--It sounds like you and I are kindred in spirit. ;) The feminist in me has wanted to rebell in many ways here lately. I went over to your blog and loved reading some of your recent posts. I'm glad what I wrote struck a chord with you. I think losing the weight is just a small piece of the bigger picture for us. We are beautiful women just the way we are, but losing the weight will keep us around for longer to aggravate the crap out of people who've given us grief. Isn't this comforting just a little? lol I know it is for me. j/k

@Anonymous--Thank you for your wisdom. I often wonder if he feels like he's losing me too, but you're right....I can't let that keep me from being healthier. :)

@Tami--Hi Tami, I think I leave the impression that I've still got a lot of issues. My dad and I made up long ago. He apologized for all the abuse and I'm pretty close with him now...even though he still acts like a butthead sometimes. lol. I have a pretty close knit family. My mother and I aren't very close, but she went through a lot being married to my dad so I guess she's enjoying freedom for now...can't say I blame her. My husband and I went through a lot of counseling through the first part of our marriage and I received a lot of independent counseling myself. I battled addiction and made it through to the other side so I'm doing pretty good. I am going through "issues" right now b/c I'm having to come to terms that my husband may actually be sick and going through the issue of learning who I am and changing myself for the better. It's hard when one spouse wants to go out and live life when the other is perfectly content with staying home while the world passes by. Sometime in the future I may find myself in a Huntington's support group though...I'm thinking about doing this sometime in the near future. Thanks for your encouragement and thank YOU for the support too. :)

@Seth--Thank you for your input as you are my only male response. lol. I tried talking to him in a loving manner lastnight and found out some stuff that discouraged me more. I'll be blogging about it later. I wish he'd communicate with me better and I really do not know how to change that b/c no matter how I approach him, I'm always in the wrong. I will persevere either way. :) Your advice is always welcome...I do not have many male followers at all. lol

@Seattlerunnergirl--"all you can do is live the choices that are in front of you, and not try to control the outcome, because you can't."--very wise...thank you.

@bbubblyb--Thank you for finding me. You sound like you've been around this block too....thank you for the encouragement. I keep hoping I'll see positive changes in him as I go along. That is all I can do and be who I need to be. No stomping me into the ground. :)

@Joy--Thank you for you uplifting encouragement.

@Jen--same exact thing here...I mean the same. lol

I normally don't get to reply to all comments, but there was so much good advice, emotion, and heartfelt thoughts put into what all of you said, I didn't want pass it by. Thanks again and welcome to my blog...I look forward to following you guys as well. ☺

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