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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm here ☺

Hey guys, I'm still here. I just haven't felt like food logging although I've been doing pretty well. I took dinner lastnight and dinner tonight to splurge a little. I'm keeping it reasonable though. I'm still maintaining...have been weighing every other day or so.
   Had huge argument w/ David today....huge one. We've been working up to it, but the fuse finally blew it ALWAYS does on Mother's Day weekend without fail. Mother's Day is my most unfavorite holiday of the year. I'll let you guys in on the secret.
   Let's involved me wanting to do Zumba/Yoga ($40 per month) and David telling me just b/c I quit smoking (which was 100 dollars a month for a pack a day habit roundabout) doesn't mean I can "spend" that money. I told him I didn't see the logic in that b/c if I wanted to smoke again, he'd have no problem with me "blowing" that money (pun intended). I told him I wanted to save part of that back for vacations and fun physical activities for our family to enrich our lives...and that using the money for smoking does not even compare to blowing money on fun activities like trips. Then he got mad about me not cooking enough red meat...or mixing up the meals enough b/t chicken, beef, and fish (although he himself requests fish at least once a week). He told me he was tired of sauteed vegetables and wants fried food here and there. (The junky meal he wants for the week is cubed steak w/ gravy, white rice, fried potatoes, and fried okra...yucko) I told him it's fine if he wants it here and there, but I have been making a HUGE effort to make yummy healthy palatable dishes so he would not suffer. I told him he should be thankful that I cook. I told him I switch off with red meat and white meat most days and I need him to explain where I can do better to mix things up. He told me he already explained that I should just mix things up more...whatever that meant. I tried to get him to be specific...he's not that great at communicating. Oh well. I went Jerry Springer on him...just a little.  All of it was very emotionally draining. We finally made up like after 4 hours. He told me I was right about the smoking thing....and other stuff. It's a blur now. We never really could get to a compromise on what I cook....for shame that he's a skinny guy. Errr. Anyway, that's been a lot of my husband and I working up to an argument. I hope all you moms have a Happy Mother's Day. Joey and Niki are over for the weekend and we're taking my mom out to dinner that should be fun. ☺☺☺ Really...I'm smiling.


  1. My husband and I used to 'work up' to arguments too.
    It was usually because there was an underlying unresolved issue that you aren't discussing..So you pick at each other over little things.
    He must be very scared at this point about huntington's.
    You are getting healthier, and smaller, and maybe sexier. he wasn't that nice while you were bigger.
    Me and my husband had the same issue.
    He may just need some reassurance from you that you still love him.
    Hugs to you. It is soooo hard to be the one who has to give all the time. Do you have a good friend or two to talk to?
    Getting it out and off your chest can really help sometimes.
    Good job on staying away from the cigs, and using that money for an exercise class is a grand idea.
    have fun with it.

  2. My husband, who doesn't have a weight problem whines about fried foods occasionally. I bring home some takeout for him while I eat healthy.

    You could use some of the saved money from your cigarettes to indulge his cravings.

  3. Hey Chris, yeah I think you understand a bit of what's going on. He does give like with how wonderful he is to our kids, but when it comes to me...just me...I think sometimes he only understands what he chooses to understand. Also, I have some other theories too that I'll be blogging about. I definitely think Huntington's is part of the equation. Thanks for the hugs and encouragement. You're so sweet. :)

    Hi Anon: That's a really good idea and it made me giggle when I read what you wrote. It's almost using some of the money I'm saving from getting healthier to feed him something junky. lol You're brilliant. lol!!

  4. Hey Kim, I have made my husband accountable for helping with my weightloss by insisting that if he wants junk food he can have it at work or make it himself... prewarning me that its going to happen so I can go out, make myself busy or just get the strength together to withstand it being eaten around me. You sound like you are busy trying to make everyone happy, sometimes its not possible to have EVERYONE happy all of the time. You are doing an amazing job! Take care.