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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Box of Sh*t From Jack Sh*t Getting Fit's Giveaway!! ☺☺☺

  I participated in a giveaway Jack Sh*t Getting Fit had. He gave away 100 dollars!!  Well, he had so many good entries, he couldn't decide on just one person, so he was generous enough to name some runners-up. I was one of them. Ok, so you're probably wondering what would a guy like Jack Sh*t give to runners-up? Well, I took pictures....

We received our package yesterday morning and my daughter opened it. She says, "Oh mommy look! (She pauses) Who gave you all this crazy stuff???LOL!!!) I told her a man named Jack Poo (b/c we can't say sh*t in front of the )

This is what I got:
A little Mexican Wrestler dude that my son just looooves!
Then an American Girl book about'd you know my daughter likes American Girl??? lol
We got our favorite brand of granola bars. ☺Thanks for breakfast Jack!
I actually have been wanting to try this stuff for more protein, so thanks. ☺
Then here came to HAVE-to-HAVEs....

Voodoo Pop....this'll teach that neighbor who lets their dog crap in my yard...Bwuhahahaha!!
And who needs a husband when I have....CASANOVA!!!!!...the world's greatest lover.(What u tryin to say Jack?? lol)
Then who needs a wife when you can have napkins with pretty girls on them??? LMAO!!!! Heck, that's a Friday night right there for any lonely guy. (chuckling)
There are just some days when any old plain tape won't do...ya HAVE to have Cowboy Tape. lol
To make using my Cowboy Tape even more exciting, I can drink alcoholic beverages w/ these life saving Pink Elephant Swizzle Sticks. (Oh, btw the pink elephant swizzle sticks miss their matching napkins that you gave TJ ....I'm just
Who says our homeschool chess club doesn't need a cheerleader waving this cool Chess Club flag???? (Seriously, we do have a chess club..and NO we're NOT dorks...Gah!! Hey, wanna have a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica party?? Hit me'll be nifty. :oP)

I actually needed one of's a measuring tape. This one is even better than just any ole measuring tape b/c it is...
                                                      You a "tape" (this is the tag that came w/ it) Parasite Pals are totally bringing sexy back to measuring tape.

Ok, so I knew Jack was a funny guy, but who knew he was sooo poetic? You gotta guy named Jack Sh*t...who gives out cool boxes of sh*t!! lol Thanks Jack, for this box of loot full of a million laughs. ☺☺☺


  1. Yeah, I know right??!! lol

  2. So THAT'S where my tape measure went! Poo!

  3. LOL!! It's mine now buddy. :oP

  4. LOL Love your Sh*t! SO funny! Yeah I wonder why I didn't get the matching set with napkins and drink sticks hummm??!! HAHA!

  5. LOL at such random stuff he gave you!

  6. LOL...yeah, it was pretty funny.