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Monday, May 17, 2010

Therapy Kim Style

So, last night I decided I needed a night out since I've kinda been an emotional wreck lately. I miss the calm, cool, healthy Kim. I'm ready to get back to losing weight and ready to get back to not worrying so much about things. Usually when I go off by myself, I usually end up parked in the movie theater parking lot reading a book. We only have one theater in town so it's usually pretty packed, therefore I feel safe reading in the parking lot. Well, there's been other things I've felt like doing and just haven't got around to it. There's been pictures I've wanted to take and honeysuckle that needed I went wandering rather than just reading.  Here's my prescription for "Hadacrazycoupleweeksneedmyheadscrewedbackon" syndrome:

First, dress up, hair, and favorite piece of jewelry you haven't worn in forever.

Next, finally stop at that old homestead you've always wanted to take a picture of, but just passed by for 8 years. Seriously, I've passed by this homestead for 8 years and never stopped to admire it. I love old things and wish I knew how to paint or take good pictures b/c this is what I'd do....paint and photo every old ran down homestead I see. I wonder who lived there and how old it is? I wouldn't want to find out...I love just imagining it. ☺ The lower pic shows another building away from the homestead. It's hard to make out exactly what it was supposed to be. There was a ton of honeysuckle and kudzu here. I just took deep, deep breaths...taking in all of the sweetness of nature and all the rot too. I would have explored more but didn't want to run into any snakes. Eek!

Next, I went up a little ways on the same road and parked off the side of the road again. I wish I could have gotten there just a few moments sooner and I could have taken a picture of the sun before it set under the horizon. I love this tree, the fence, and the big hill. It's a big field. This picture does it no justice, but it's a beautiful little scene with a beautiful tree.

No, nobody died...I swear. This cemetary is just a minute from my home and I've never driven through it. I love exploring old cemetaries...especially around my area, b/c there are many graves from the revolutionary war and civil war. The headstones in this picture are set in the older part of the cemetary. Most of these people were born in the mid 1800's. It looks like many of them have had their stones replaced with newer ones. There are still some old ones. Most of the men were in their 50's when they died. I saw a couple of young girls in early twenties...died giving birth perhaps? I dunno. All the names on these headstones are street names through out the next couple of towns. I also know of many descendents of the people buried here. It's very interesting stuff.

I came to the end of the cemetary and noticed something I hadn't before. There's a memorial garden....and this is it. Look in the dead middle of the picture and you'll see a little sign. That's pretty much all that lets anyone know it's supposed to be a garden. I think maybe I'll go one day and plant some flowers there.
Then I went to the nice little Italian place in town.  Look at the etchings in the mirror. It's of a man and woman dancing....beautiful.

Here's some artwork on the wall next to me. I wish I could've fit the whole picture, but I wanted to make sure and get the artist's name in the pic. The artwork really did give a Venician feel. This restaurant has chandaleers everywhere. This is the one over my table. I wish I could've taken a pic of the huge one, but I didn't want the restaurant owner to think I'm weird. He seems like an angry fella...maybe an Italian thing. lol I eventually asked him if he makes Italian cream cake...b/c that just happens to be one of my specialities (family recipe). He said, "Yes! I-uh make-uh one for you-uh!) I wanted to giggle b/c I love his italian accent. It sounded just like the funny italian guys in movies. lol I had my Mp3 player on the whole time I was at the restaurant and I'm not one of those people who's very discreet about it either. David bought me those ear buds that fit around the outside of your ear and you don't see many people around here with them b/c they're expensive, so I think people try to figure out what the heck is on my ears. lol I also bob my head and usually mouth the words to is a huge part of my life. I can't imagine a day without music. I should mention my Mp3 burned out on me lastnight...I'm very sad about it. I think I worked it too hard. lol. David said he'd buy me another one. :)
I had dessert...and I do not regret it at all. It was German chocolate cake. This piece was huge...couldn't eat it all, but it was delicious. I think they inject most of their cakes with liqueur or something...very yummo. On the way to the theater, I cranked up my music, rolled down the windows and breathed in the fresh, crisp, night air. What music did I crank up you ask? Listen to it at the 57 sec. mark...that's my favorite part and when I rolled down my windows. Shostakovich is one of my most favorite composers...I love the history behind his music.

Ok, I'm not a complete dork...I may have rolled the windows down when I cranked up some Fiona Apple...

Don't ya just love singing to the top of your lungs while driving?? It's one of my favorite things to do. Of daughter has now invested in her own Mp3 player so she doesn't have to hear me in the car. lol

I went to see Robin Hood and it was ok. If I had've known they were using this movie to set up the story of Robin Hood, I think I would have liked it better. It just wasn't what I expected of a Robin Hood movie...and I guess I love the Kevin Costner version a little much. Some of the scenes were really drawn out. There was a very notable scene however. The part where Robin courts Marian and they begin dancing to Women of Ireland.....Oh! It was beautiful. I loved the music and the romantic tension b/t them. Nicely done. Here's the song if you'd like to's beautiful music...beautiful. If you listen, try to listen all the way through b/c there's different dynamics in the song...and different instruments.

I didn't get out of the theater until almost 1am. Then I went to Wal-Mart to do a little grocery shopping...b/c the night wouldn't be complete without me having to complete some responsibility. lol

It was fine though...I stopped to smell the favorite flower.

While I was there I bought a new sleeveless, cotton nightgown. This was a real treat for me since I never buy myself night clothes. I usually sleep in ugly t-shirts. Here lately I've been wearing makeup almost everyday and fixing my hair. I've been painting my nails too. It feels nice to actually give a damn about myself. Up until a couple months ago, I always wore my hair in a bun, always wore my glasses, no make up, and hand-me-down clothes from girlfriends...ugh.
Here's the gown:

Then I bought hair dye too.....
Not sure if you can tell it in this pic b/c of poor lighting, but I'm a flaming red head now. ☺☺☺ Then I put a few curls in my hair today. My husband always tells me "You look nice". When he came home today he shocked me with "You look very pretty." Friggin wow! He hates the words "pretty" and "beautiful", so I thought that was pretty nice of him. ☺

Anyway.....therapy's is back in session. Bwuhahaha. (ehh...I don't think I'm a "bwuhahaha" type person...was just trying it on.) Laters Gators.


  1. Cemeteries are beautiful places !!! I love walking through them. I have several family members buried at one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the Chicago area and visiting there feels more like a beautiful historic museum than place where the dead bodies are stored. They are very cool places !

  2. I love walking through cemeteries, too, especially old ones in the New England area. They're beautiful. My favorite was in Salem, MA.

    I haven't been commenting much lately, but I have been reading. I wish I had perfect words to help you feel better, but all I can say is that you're in my thoughts!

  3. I like that you had such a fun day- doing things you enjoy doing! :) Thanks for sharing with us! :) Love the red hair pic! It's nice to feel good about ourselves and have our loved ones compliment us.

    Thank you for the sweet comment at Jack's blog today- that was nice of you!! :)

  4. I'm so happy to have learned all these things about you with this post. What a neat chick you are!
    It's so good to see you loving and pampering yourself and doing things you love to do.
    You said you wished you could take good photos of these old homesteads. Just keep practicing ... You don't have to wish ... you CAN do it. Maybe you could take a night class?
    The flaming red hair looks great on you!

    Are you on a Mac?

  5. The little smileys. I thought that was just a Mac feature. ☺

  6. It is so wonderful that you had a date with you! It was probably a long time coming and I bet you feel so much better.

  7. Re: your ? ... I'm on the Mac I bought myself for my 49th B-day last year. ♡ I wish everyone could own one!

  8. Hi! I found your blog through Loretta's blog. I LOVE the nightgown you bought and I just HAD to comment because I looked at that same night gown just today and wanted to buy it! And I'm a homeschool mama too! Nice to meet you!