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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm back...almost

Hi guys, I will be posting my food later. I'm sorry I've not been on sorry for myself. I didn't cheat on my diet in the beginning of this whole crisis I've been going through here lately, but after several days of not posting I found my discipline going out the window. I can thankfully say I haven't binged, but I can't deny I've been eating things I shouldn't in the past few days now. This whole situation in my homeschool group has been a very bad one and I've found myself in the middle of it all. It's finally coming to a head b/c of some evidence I have, so I'm almost finished riding the wave. Hopefully since I've exposed some people in my group for what they really are, maybe now I can find some peace. Hopefully now I will be able to get back to normal programming. To make it short, these past couple of weeks have been filled with conspiracies, lieing, scheming, politics, gossip and vengeance. It's literally been Homeschool Moms Gone Wild. lol Anyway, thanks to all who've been checking in on me and I will be catching up on your blogs soon. I will be posting my food log at the end of the day even if  I don't write much else to go along with it, at least I will be holding myself accountable again. I know this will feel nice...I really need some normalcy right now. I'll be leaving comments on your blogs soon! Thanks ☺


  1. Hi Kim,
    Sorry you have been going through such a rough time. Good for you for doing what is right! I'm glad you posted to let us know how you are.

  2. oy! that's enough to make you want to steer clear of homeschool groups. Sorry people are being turds. Back on program now..okay.
    Take it easy.