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Anything I post on here about PCOS or any other condition, is general information or information I've accumulated in my experience having PCOS or other conditions. I'm not a doctor, so nothing I say should EVER take place of a real diagnosis from your doctor. My eating plan described on this blog is one I've made for myself and I'm constantly changing it according to my body's needs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another loss!!! I'm Stoked! :oP

I have no clue why I keep jumping on the scale lately. Maybe, I just feel like I'm doing pretty good and I keep looking to the scale to reflect it at this point. I know there will come a time when I plateau and I'll have to depend on measurements, but I sure do enjoy watching the number drop on the scale. I lost .8, so that bumped me to 16lbs. lost now. Yay! I'm going all "Jillian" on my little ticker factory jogger...telling her to "Move! Move! Move!". LOL

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